Should I use Propel to speed up my Invisalign?

Should I use Propel to speed up my Invisalign?

Invisalign has been very popular in our practice. Patients love that they can straighten their teeth without unsightly metal wires. The Invisalign trays are so hard to see that most people don’t even know you’re wearing them. However, people always have the same question: “How long do I have to wear the trays?”

Luckily, there’s a solution to speed up your Invisalign treatment. Propel accelerated orthodontics is a system that can reduce orthodontic treatment time by 62%. Using Propel, the dentist makes micro-osteo perforations in the bone between each tooth. This creates an inflammatory response that makes the bone softer, allowing the tooth roots to move with less resistance. Without Propel, patients wear each tray for 14 days. With Propel, our patients wear each tray 5 days. Patients love seeing results in less than half the time!

Propel is gaining popularity and garnering accolades. It recently won a 2015 Pride Institute Best of Class Technology Award, given to “products that are truly class defining, are above and beyond everything else in their respective categories.” It also won a 2014 Dentistry Today Reader’s Choice Award. Studies have concluded that it is an effective, comfortable, and safe procedure to accelerate tooth movement and significantly reduce the duration of orthodontic treatment.

If you’re looking for a North Scottsdale dentist and are interested in amazing Invisalign results in less than half the time, give Enamor Dentistry a call! Dr. Melander will give you a consultation and answer any questions you have about Propel and Invisalign.