Meliner clear aligners in North Scottsdale, AZ


Get your first tray the next day


With other clear aligners it typically takes a month to get your first set of trays. Because Meliners are designed and manufactured in-house, you get your trays the day after your first appointment.


Designed by Dr. Melander


Most clear aligners are designed by techs in third world countries and quickly approved by a doctor. When teeth don’t move as planned it’s often because the design was flawed. Dr. Melander has designed, delivered, and completed hundreds of successful clear aligner cases. He uses that experience to design your case from start to finish.


No one will know you’re wearing aligners


Clear aligners are made from 3D printed models which are printed one layer at a time. Other aligners cut corners by printing thicker layers that leave visible lines and prevent an intimate fit. Meliners are printed in thinner layers, making the trays virtually invisible and creating a perfect fit.


Next generation comfort


Most clear aligners hurt the first day you move to a new tray. Meliners’ innovative tray material results in less initial pain while allowing more effective tooth movement. This next generation material makes the trays more comfortable while shortening treatment time.


Better outcomes at a fraction of the price


Meliners are custom made and priced just for you. Easy cases start at just $2400, which is less than some direct to consumer aligners. Prices are variable depending on the complexity of the case. Dr. Melander will give you a quote at your initial consultation.