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Cosmetic Dental Consultation

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Cosmetic Dental Consultation

Creating a beautiful smile is a lot more involved than just doing veneers. First, a complete smile analysis must be done at your cosmetic consultation. Dr. Melander takes a comprehensive approach to creating a smile makeover.

This includes your lips, gums, bone structure, and tooth position, proportion, and color. We will show you the secrets of a beautiful smile, and give you all options that will give you a healthy and esthetic result. Many times bleaching and limited treatment can make an enormous difference.

Before starting treatment, you will be able to visualize your new smile in pictures and three dimensional models. Your specific input will be used to create the smile you desire.

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Veneers are a great way to quickly get the smile you’ve always dreamed of. Veneers reshape your smile by adding a thin layer of ceramic to the front of your teeth. Before making veneers, we will find out your esthetic goals through a cosmetic consultation.

You have the opportunity to preview your final results by examining photographs and physical models.

Only once you approve of your future smile do we commence treatment. Veneers are an ideal treatment for misshaped, malpositioned, or worn teeth.

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Cosmetic Layered Fillings

Often times a filling on a front tooth sticks out like a sore thumb. Teeth have complex anatomy, with an inner layer of dentin surrounded by an outer layer of enamel. Each layer has different characteristics, with different opacity and fluorescence.

In addition, the thickness of each layer varies with genetics and age. Trying to recreate the natural tooth structure with one homogenous filling material is a recipe for failure; by layering the finest composites one can recreate nature.

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A course of bleaching can make a huge difference in the brightness of your smile. Enamor Dentistry offers some of the strongest take-home whitening available.

With 35% bleaching solution you only have to whiten for thirty minutes a day to see drastic results.

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Clear braces are great for people that want straighter teeth, but don’t want the hassles of cleaning around metal brackets and wires.

Invisalign replaces the old metal braces with clear aligners that you wear over your teeth. Every two weeks you insert a new aligner that gradually shifts your teeth closer to their desired position.

You achieve a great new smile with hardly any interference to your daily life.

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