Removable Dentistry


A denture replaces all of the teeth in one arch. Typically upper dentures are easier to wear, as they suction to the roof of the mouth. Lower dentures usually require adhesive or implants in order to lock them firmly in place.

Dr. Melander has extensive experience designing and adjusting complete dentures. If you aren’t completely happy with your dentures, bring them in and we will show you how they can be improved.


A partial denture replaces all of the missing teeth on one arch. It clips onto stable teeth in the arch to prevent it from moving. People often times complain about ill-fitting partial dentures, but with proper adjustments, they should not be uncomfortable.

A partial denture should not alter you bite unless absolutely necessary. If you are frustrated with your existing partial denture, let Dr. Melander evaluate it and see if it can be designed in a more comfortable manner.

Implant Overdentures

For the absolute best fit, dentures need to be locked down into implants. There are many different methods to accomplish this, and it takes an experienced clinician to guide you through your options.

Dr. Melander has years of experience making implant retained dentures – he will show you all of the possibilities and ensure that you love the final product.

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