Invisalign has doubled in speed!

Invisalign has doubled in speed!

Everyone loves having straight teeth. Our patients have had great experiences straightening their teeth with Invisalign. Now it’s possible to get the same amazing result with Invisalign in half the time. Invisalign now recommends patients wear each tray for only one week – previously each tray was worn for two weeks. With Invisalign one week aligner changes, your tooth movements double in speed.

Why the change? Invisalign is constantly updating and improving their product – they are currently on their seventh generation of trays. With all of the improvements Invisalign has made over the years, many people have asked if wearing each tray for two weeks was really necessary. Invisalign decided to test the question, and conducted a study of 200 patients wearing their trays for a week at a time. They found that there is no difference in tooth movement predictability between patients wearing each tray one week or two.

Many patients used to ask if they could change trays more frequently. They felt that the teeth were done moving after a week, and that the trays weren’t doing anything during the second week. It turns out they were right all along!

If you are interested in finding a North Scottsdale dentist that has a lot of Invisalign experience, please give Enamor Dentistry a call! Dr. Bjorn Melander is an Invisalign Preferred Provider that stays abreast of the newest Invisalign protocols, and he will give you a consultation to evaluate if Invisalign is right for you.