Painless injections

Painless injections

We are proud to announce painless injections! How, you ask? At Enamor Dentistry, there are two key ingredients:

The best topical anesthetic
Dentistry’s dirty little secret is that topical anesthetic doesn’t work very well. Most dentists still use it because patients expect it. But the literature shows that there is little pain relief from typical topical anesthetic. We use something better- it’s actually called The Best Topical Ever. Most dentists don’t used it because it’s expensive, but we think it’s well worth it.

Buffered anesthetic
Dental anesthetic has the pH of grapefruit juice. Even with The Best Topical Ever, it still burns when an acidic solution is injected into tissue. This burning sensation can be eliminated by buffering the anesthetic so the pH matches that of living tissue. Why isn’t this commonplace? Because anesthetic can’t be produced this way, as it goes bad in a day. It must be buffered just before use, and once again, it’s expensive. The added bonus of buffered anesthetic is that you get numb in a minute or two instead of five or ten. So after your pain-free injection, work starts right away. No more wondering when your doctor will return to start treatment!

Of course, it also helps if your doctor takes the time to inject slowly and steadily. If you’re interested in finding a caring North Scottsdale dentist, call Enamor Dentistry and experience Dr. Melander’s painless injections!