Propel accelerated Invisalign in North Scottsdale, AZ

Many people are aware of the benefits of Invisalign clear aligners. However, patients usually have one complaint: the months spent wearing the trays. Finally, there’s a solution! Propel is a system that works with Invisalign to triple the speed of treatment. A course of trays that would normally take a year can now be finished in four months.

People in Invisalign treatment can speed up the process at any time by using Propel. Propel does not change the Invisalign trays or treatment plan; it just lets people wear the trays for five days at a time instead of 14. All of the benefits of Invisalign still apply, only with the added bonus of accelerated treatment. If you would like to accelerate your Invisalign today, then ask us about Propel!

How Propel works

The Propel device creates micro-osteo perforations (small holes) in the bone between the teeth. These perforations create a local inflammatory response in the surrounding bone, increasing bone remodeling activity. This essentially makes the bone softer, allowing the teeth to move more quickly. Invisalign treatment time can be reduced by 62% without causing increased root resorption.

The inflammatory process created by Propel lasts about three months. If the Invisalign case is not complete, another Propel treatment must be completed if you wish to continue with the accelerated schedule. Otherwise, you have to return to wearing trays for 14 days apiece.

Does Propel hurt?

Rest assured, you will feel no pain during the Propel appointment. The Propel micro-perforations are typically about 3mm deep and just over 1mm wide. Patients are given regular dental anesthesia at the start of the appointment. Since the anesthesia is strong enough to prevent any pain from a tooth extraction or root canal, you certainly won’t feel a small perforation.
Once the anesthesia wears off, most patients take Vicodin for the pain. Some are fine with just Tylenol, and most have little discomfort left by the following day. Pain thresholds vary from person to person.

Painkillers and Propel

Because Propel works through an inflammatory process, anti-inflammatory medications will negate the effect of Propel. This includes many popular painkillers called NSAIDs. Ibuprofen, Asprin, and Aleve are all NSAIDs. Tylenol is the only over-the-counter pain med that can be used with Propel. Many prescription painkillers aren’t anti-inflammatory, including Tramaol, Vicodin, Percocet, and Oxycontin.